Valentines Day Roses – Colors we have 1

Valentine day prices : $95 in Vase    $79 as Bouquet – 1 Dz. Premium Long Stem Roses

We dress these roses in vase with leaves, and cover in ornamental net around the vase.

Bouquets are dressed in green leaves and wrapped in clear cover with a ribbon around.

red and white rose
Yellow Roses
Yellow and Red
Yellow and Red
White Roses
White Roses

One thought on “Valentines Day Roses – Colors we have 1”

  1. Hi ChantelleDon’t ya just love roses. Your photos are very nice. I have a coplue of rose bushes but they arent doing too well. Not in a very good spot in the back yard. We are still getting lots of rain up here as well but we do need it. love Joyce

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